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Children’s Behavioral Health Statewide Family Network

The purpose of the Children’s Behavioral Health Statewide Family Network (CBHSFN) is to provide input and recommendations to the state systems and infrastructure of the children’s behavioral health care system in order to support a stronger, more successful response to the needs of children and youth experiencing serious emotional disturbances (SED) and their families.

In addition, the CBHSFN will be collaborative with the behavioral health care system to include workforce development and provide technical assistance to create a pathway for families to participate in state and local mental health services planning and policy development. 

The Washington State Children’s Behavioral Health Care Principles are a set of standards, grounded in the system of care values and principles which are to guide how the children’s behavioral health care system delivers services to youth and families. These standards are to ensure care is focused on:

  • Family and Youth Voice and Choice
  • A Team-Based approach to treatment
  • Natural Supports as an integral part of the team
  • Collaboration between all members of the team and across all systems serving the family and youth
  • Home and Community-Based services whenever possible
  • Culturally Relevant treatment plan and services
  • Individualized care
  • Strengths-Based approach to treatment
  • Outcome-based with specific goals that are regularly established
  • Unconditional treatment, meaning a family will not be removed from a program or service they have qualified for

To see these principles defined CLICK HERE


The intent of the CBHSFN in Washington is to ensure the purpose remains at the forefront of the work it does and to enhance family voice at the local and state levels by providing family leadership training and support workforce development, as well as ensuring the voices of the family are represented at all state decision making tables. 


Projects Funded by this grant are:

  • Children’s Behavioral Health Summit
  • Patent Training Weekend
  • Technical Assistance to FYSPRT’s
  • Every other month Open Network Meetings
  • Every other month workgroup and committees project network meeting