Washington State Community Connectors

Connecting families across Washington state to resources, training, and support.

Who We Are

We are a family-driven community of support for caregivers of children with a range of behavioral health needs, including mental health and substance use, as well as other disabilities and challenges within the educational and judicial systems and more. 

About Us

We empower families by providing training on systems in Washington state, including system navigation, leadership skills, and advocacy. This helps create better access to local health, education, and judicial systems for their children and the family as a whole, connecting them to the resources and knowledge that will allow them to be better advocates for their own family members and the community.

Upcoming Events


Please let WSCC know if you would like your organization’s information posted that supports Integrated Behavioral Health matters throughout Washington State.


WSCC hosts 2 signature events every year The Children's Behavioral Health Summit (CBHS) and the Parent Training Weekend.

Training and Technical Assistance

WSCC offers a wide variety of training and Technical assistance.

WACBH Statewide Family Network

The goal of WACBHSFN is to enhance family voice at the local and state levels.

Our Community

WSCC is a diverse and inclusive community of Washington state parents, caregivers, and behavioral health professionals. While we come from all walks of life, we have something in common—a passion for advocacy and support of other caregivers to children with behavioral health challenges. We are committed to providing training, connection, and collaboration to Washington state families who are seeking family support as well as services and help for their children. Whether you’re interested in becoming a Community Connector or you need assistance connecting with services, we are so glad you’re here!