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Understanding WISe and Wraparound

This is a customized, interactive training designed for families from a training created by En Route Consulting for WA State Health Care Authority. Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) is the highest level of outpatient care in the state and is designed to support families in staying together, rather than the child/youth needing to be placed in an inpatient facility. This training will go over the history of WISe, the principles of WISe, and help parents/caregivers who are considering WISe or are currently involved in WISe understand how this voluntary service is designed to support their family’s unique culture, values, and goals. The training will also go over the Wraparound process in order for families who may not qualify for WISe or be unable to access it can create their own Wraparound Team to support their family on their unique journey to health. (3-hour full training)