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Statewide Family Network Parent/Caregiver Weekend Training 2023

This year’s Statewide Family Network Parent/Caregiver Weekend Training is quickly approaching.

We hope you will apply to join us in Wenatchee from Friday, September 22 at 5 pm – Sunday, September 24 at 1 pm
for an exciting, relevant, and fun weekend! The theme for this year is “Tapestry – Coming Together to Create a Masterpiece.”

We are happy to announce four amazing workshops by family leaders Starleen Lewis, Celeste Taylor, Ray Gregson, and Jasmine Martinez, along with some wonderful mini-workshop selections to create space for growth, empowerment, and connection. See more weekend details below:

  • This is an application to register; you will be notified by 9/1/23 if you are selected to complete the registration to attend.
  • This WSCC event is designed for parents/caregivers of children, youth, or young adults with behavioral health needs only – this is the only WSCC event that doesn’t also include our system partners and youth, thank you for understanding.
  • Capacity is for 50 Parents/Caregivers to attend – our goal is to have 5 from each of the 10 FYSPRT Regions.
  • Our goal is to have 75% of participants be parents/caregivers who haven’t been able to attend a Statewide Family Network Parent/Caregiver Weekend before.
  • Due to the limited capacity, we ask that you only apply to attend if you are able to participate in the entire event.

Registration is Now Closed