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Community of Practice (COP)

The WSCC Community of Practice Program is opening up for any and all family members who are interested in learning and going deeper into the family leadership concepts that have been taught over the last couple of years. These concepts include those learned in the Leadership Academy, the Coach Approach, and other trainings like Zone of Usefulness and Conflict Management that have been facilitated by WSCC.

Whether you have participated in these other trainings or are simply interested in learning and strengthening your current tools, the Community of Practice (CoP) is a great space for you. Here are some more details about the program:
· Monthly Community of Practice (CoP) Trainings will be held for 2 hours on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10am – 12Noon (they are virtual through Zoom)
· The meeting will begin with an update on how the prior month’s concept practice went – successes and challenges – ah ha’s – lived experiences with the practice
· Participants will complete activities related to the concept
· There will be a discussion and Q&A for the follow up practice of the concept
· As concepts are practiced, we will go deeper into the various concepts in order to master them
· Real life scenarios will be shared
· Family Leaders will have the opportunity to select a concept and facilitate a training at a future CoP training

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