WSCC Board of Directors

Eileen J. King, MPA, EdD- Board Chair

I am the proud Mom of two children and Nana to five grandchildren and have actively participated in the behavioral health advocacy field for over 30 years. I began my career working in the sexual abuse and assault response and prevention field before my son became ill with significant behavioral health challenges. I then shifted my focus to children’s behavioral health and worked as a family partner for A Common Voice in Pierce County and as a Wraparound Coordinator at the Puyallup Tribe of Indians assisting families with their journeys through multi-systems while advocating for system transformation. These days my professional work is focused on supporting nonprofits to grow and thrive, training and teaching, and working on policy reform to improve children’s mental health services. Any spare time is spent with my family and friends, playing with the grandchildren, puttering in the greenhouse, writing, or creating art.


Board Vice-Chair – position open


Janice Schutz – Board Treasurer

I am the proud parent of a 2 daughters. One of my daughter’s struggles have been manifest in mental, emotional and behavioral challenges for our entire family. I have been actively advocating for her as we have navigated through multiple Systems of Care (educational, peer support, medical, etc, at the federal, state and regional levels) for over a decade. Through problem solving, with the help of family and friends, and guidance from caring professionals, we have met these challenges and successfully overcome numerous obstacles. Throughout this time, I have worked steadfastly to educate myself and build a network of contacts in order to help other families like ours.  I have also been a small business owner for more than 20 years. I have acquired many skills from supervision, management and training experience,  public speaking and negotiating contracts, research and recruiting to marketing and training, I also have a very strong desire to support and empower other families to understand and utilize the systems of care from a grassroots community based perspective. In my free time I practice yoga, read books  and play with my horse, Rocky.

Kim Runge – Board Secretary

I am the proud mom of 21 year old twin sons that have autism, that bring me challenges and great joy.  Because of my journey raising complex boys (men now), I have the great opportunity to give back as a Lead Family Partner with the WISe team at Sound in King Co. for the last nine years.  During this time I was a board officer for the Northshore SD SEPAC (Special Education Parent/Professional Advisory Council) and a Co-Family Tri-Chair for the NWFYSPRT in King Co.  Through all my experiences, it has given me great knowledge of systems, partnering, advocacy and making sure family voice is heard and acknowledged.  During my precious free time, I love hanging out with my girlfriends, 1:1 time with my boys, date night with my husband, taking black and white photos, and binge watch Netflix.

Sarah McQuilkin – Board Member

I am the proud mom of 3 children & step mom of 5. We have 2 living at home ages 13 & 17 whom are adopted with special needs. My 17 yr old has Shaken Baby & Autism & my 13 yr old has emotional challenges.

I work with Family Alliance for Mental Health as Mason Co. Coordinator since 2011.

I love working with parents and empowering them in meetings. I have been advocating for wonderful children since 2003. My favorite thing is having a personal touch with parents.

Some of my trainings are: Wraparound, Certified Peer Counselor, PEP (Parents Empowering Parents) , & Special Education Advocacy.

I love being a part of WSCC and look forward to meeting families and knowing about many family organizations

Jeanette Barnes – Board Emeritus

I’m a Lakota Sioux Winnebago descent and have over 15+ years’ experience in presentations and trainings at a local, state and national level.  I trained with Vera Pena, Carol Steeper, Pat Miles, Karl Dennis, Neil Brown and Jon Vandenburg. 

I also have three children and became involved in the system when my youngest who was diagnosed with ADHD, Conduct Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder.  I quickly became disillusioned with the system and the stigma that came with my child being involved in the mental health, special education, juvenile justice and chemical dependency systems.  I began advocating for the rights of all parents/caregivers who have children in the system, and now I’m one of the most well respected and sought-after advocates in the state of Washington.  

I was also involved in the Systems of Care Grant received by King County, Washington as part of the implementation process as well as the development of trainings, policies, procedures and the incorporation of family and youth voice.   I assisted in the writing of the Wrapworks! Curriculum and used my family’s experience to help other families and professionals understand the value and strength of family/professional partnership/relationships.  I have recently adapted the Wraparound Curriculum to better meet the needs of children, youth & families in Indian Country, and I’m also a trainer for WA State’s Certified Peer Counseling process.

For 20+ years, I have served on various local, state, and national committees including the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council, King County Youth and Family System of Care Partnership Committee, Reclaiming Futures Leadership Team, Children’s Mental Health Services Workgroup for Washington State, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Federation of Families Summit for Policy Change in partnership with Child Welfare League of America, and most currently the National Summit for the Elimination of Disparities in Mental Health care for minorities.

I also founded the King County Washington’s family and youth owned and operated organization, called A Village Project II.  This was an organization dedicated to family, youth, and professional partnership relationships.  While in partnership with family, youth and system partner leaders, I designed and developed the FYSPRT model as well as Washington State Community Connectors, a family owned and operated organization supporting children, youth and families with complex needs. 

In September 2014, I retired from Washington State’s Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery as the Family Liaison for Children, Youth, and Families where I modeled the value of family/professional partnership/relationships.  Currently I have a consulting business providing trainings/consultation focusing on organizational development, community development, peer to peer support, family/youth professional partnership relationships including advocacy and Trauma Informed Care.

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