WSCC Program Staff

Krystal Livingston, CPC- Community Outreach Coordinator

Having always loved kids and being chosen to be mother of my four children, I raised them with no real knowledge of mental/behavioral health concerns while they were young. Much later I learned that my two oldest had been living with undiagnosed emotional and behavioral health challenges that eventually spiraled into living with co-occurring disorders and experiencing homelessness. As my youngest began to also display some concerning behaviors in Kindergarten, as well as my two oldest escalating in their addictions, I chose to return to Highline College to pursue my degree in Human Services to gain a chance at a better paying career, but more importantly to gain deeper a understanding of the challenges and barriers my children were living with.

Thus, began my journey into and the ignition of passion for family and children’s behavioral health, and equity and social justice in the behavioral health system. I was fortunate enough to be able to intern at Valley Cities Behavioral Health in 2014 where I learned about Peer Support work and qualified to take the state training. Upon completion of training I was immediately hired at Valley Cities Behavioral Health in 2015 as a Certified Parent Partner. As a Parent Partner, I am able to take my life experiences and challenges, as well as the continuous evidence based trainings and certifications to advocate for and assist families. Modeling and assisting families in gaining their own sense of empowerment and resiliency as they seek culturally appropriate, effective, and person centered supports in overcoming their personal barriers. Some of trainings/certifications I hold include Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness Interviewing, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.) Facilitator, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Trauma Informed Care. I have also since presented at various trainings, conferences, and lead support groups. I was voted by King County Council to serve a two-year term on King County’s Behavioral Health Advisory Board, I serve on King County’s Family and Youth Council, and I am the Culturally Responsive and Inclusivity Committee Co-Chair for Valley Cities Behavioral Health.

What I value most is my time spent with family and friends. However, I also enjoy my time alone to do whatever may come my way or choosing to engage in absolutely nothing at all.

Kristen Wells – Volunteer

I am a recent MSW graduate who has continued volunteering for WSCC after completing an internship with them as part of my degree. My interest in children’s behavioral health comes from my experiences growing up with a sibling who has complex behavioral health needs.

I have personal experience as a family member in the Wraparound Program, and four years of professional experience working with children and families through various social service systems. I currently work in the behavioral health field as a care coordinator. I am passionate about empowering organizations and the people who run them through evaluation, development of infrastructure, and sustainability planning.

My free time is dedicated to spending time with family and friends, reading, and gaming.

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