What We Do

Washington State Community Connectors supports a statewide community of family members, youth, family run organizations, and system partners who are dedicated to improving the availability and impact of child and family behavioral health services. WSCC provides training and technical support for family-led organizations and to all the Family, Youth, and System Partner Roundtables (FYSPRTs) that advocate for the needs of children and families and provide peer support services.


We also host yearly events such as our Annual Children’s Behavioral Health Summit, Family Training Weekend, and the General Membership Meetings that provide opportunities for networking, resource sharing, and education about current trends and issues in children’s behavioral health systems and services.


WSCC also hosts other important events for Washington community members. Take a look at our WSCC Event Calendar for those events, and our Training and Technical Support page for information about how to access support for your organization or FYSPRT. If you are looking for support for a community/family member or yourself, please look at our Resource page, or join our WSCC Community Resource Group on Facebook.



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